Your flowers have been carefully prepared and packed, but to continue enjoying them for as long as possible please follow our care instructions.

Upon receipt of your flower delivery please check to see if they are in a water supply (vase) if they are make sure the water levels are topped as some spillages occur during transit. If your flowers are wrapped or in an aqua pack please snip a small amount off the ends of each stem and place in a suitable clean container with plenty of water and flower food ensuring that all foliage has been removed from below the water line. Replenish the water every few days keeping the vase clean.

Please don’t place your flowers in very strong light or next to a heat source, avoid placing next to fruit as this will decrease the lifespan of your flowers.

Dried Flowers.

These if kept clean and dry would remain looking great for quite some time, however it is likely that over time the colours may fade ever so slightly .

To keep clean a very gentle gust with a hairdryer  occasionally should keep them dust free.

To preserve their colour as much as possible avoid placing anywhere damp or moisture laden direct stone light.

Bridal Flowers.

Please see the information attached in your delivery with advice on keeping your flowers fresh. Any questions do please contact us.